Design the future with steam

Design The Future With Steam eTwinning proje webinarı, proje kurucuları ve ortakları arasında 02.12.2019 tarihinde saat: 20.00-21.00 arasında gerçekleştirilmiştir.

MERSİN - Yenişehir Design The Future With Steam eTwinning proje webinarı, proje kurucuları ve ortakları arasında 02.12.2019 tarihinde saat: 20.00-21.00 arasında gerçekleştirilmiştir.  Webinar da proje kurucuları Meltem Sevim Kayaoğlu ve Seher Mutlu proje hakkında genel bilgiler vermiş, proje sürecinde nasıl çalışmalar yapılması gereği üzerinde durmuşlardır. Proje üyeleri çalışmalarla ilgili sorularını yöneltmişler, proje kurucuları soruları yanıtlamışlardır.Proje Hakkında:It is very important to follow scientific and technological developments and not to be behind the era in today's world where access to information is easier and faster. For this, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) has gained more importance than before.In our rapidly changing world, new solutions will be needed for economic, environmental and social issues. It is estimated that four main issues will be decisive in shaping future professions. These include global climate change, economic and demographic changes, a sense of playing and discovering people, and finally, biomedical developments and changes created by intelligent machines.With this project, students will design their own future life. How they will live in a world, what professions can be put forward by the students as a result of the project.Hedefler:Objectives of the ProjectIntroducing students in the project and meeting each otherTo engage students in the design process as they imagine future designs for items that matter to themPlan stem activities for the future worldTo get students to problemsolve while designing a future cityAttracting students to a fun computer sciencedo problem solving and logical reasoning skillsStudents to come up with a creativesolution to a data sorting problem and write the explanationas a series of commands (algorithm)Students to use their observation skills,Students will experience how electrons moveStudents will make home and city designs for the futureThey will be inspired by nature when designing textile.Students will explore ways to protect our planet while thinking about energy resources.Çalışma Süreci:Within the scope of the project, they will introduce themselves on the padlet by using web2 tools for the students to meet.In October, live teams will create mixed teams.In November, students will make a live connection to determine the stem activities they will use.Students will send their art activities to each other. So you will have card friendship.Live links forums will be scheduled for December and January students' stem eventsArt designs and joint works will be planned in March, live connection and card will be sent.The exhibition works in April will be shared in May with the latest live connections designs.Project outputs and e-book studies will be carried out in June.Teachers will make monthly assessments with live connections.Beklenen Sonuçlar:As a result of the project, students are expected to design their own future using stem A. Students will be able to create energy-saving, architectural and industrial designs for the future.Students' designs will be exhibited at the end of the semester.It is thought that art designs will be shared with the project participants. (Tarih: 03-12-2019)
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